A Benefit Auction Specialist & a Professional Bidspotter

Whether you are a benefit auctioneer that inspires your crowd or a commercial auctioneer moving inventory any auctioneer regardless of their specialty whether they are a Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) or not will share with you the value, virtue and how utterly priceless a professional bidspotter aka “ringman” will bring to any event. Its a […]

Orange County Benefit Auctioneer | Successful Action and Chairs

Orange County Benefit Auctioneer I Zack Krone of California Coast auctions firmly believe that the goal of the client is of the utmost importance. As an top Orange County Benefit Auctioneer or auctioneer in general, it is in your job description to protect the interest of the seller (client) and make them as much money […]

California Antique Auctioneer: Antiques Auctions – Do’s and Don’ts

Advice from a California Antique Auctioneer It sounds simple doesn’t it? Get bunch of valuable items, rent a space send out invites and before you know you have an auction right? Wrong! There are so many facets and unpredictable situations when conducting an auction that even seasoned and experienced antique dealers and store owners wouldn’t […]

Los Angeles Auctioneer: Benefit Auctions – Do’s and Don’ts

Benefit Auctions Do’s and Don’ts brought to you by Los Angeles auctioneer Zack Krone and California Coast Auctions There are over 800,000 non profit and charity organizations in California alone. This number does not include churches and schools. These organizations range from local and community groups that have a distinct purpose and goal all the […]