FAQ of a Benefit Auctioneer

Auctioneers don’t just talk fast—they speak in a rhythmic monotone also referred to as an auction chant, so as to lull onlookers into a conditioned pattern of call and response, as if they were playing a game. The speed is also intended to give the buyers a sense of urgency: Bid now or lose out. And it doesn’t hurt the bottom line, either. Selling more items in less time means everyone make more money. Benefit Auctioneers will often slow down their chant to accommodate the needs of a novice bid crowd. Plus a moderate pace lends itself to the humorous and comedic nature of a benefit auction.

What I implore you to contemplate are these two facts: If you spend so much money on a venue, catering, decor, entertainment, staffing etc. And the tip of your spear: the one person responsible for bringing money back to the group is a volunteer then a golden opportunity was wasted. There is a science to this process. Also the rate of an auctioneer is met by the receiving of only a couple bids. Whether it is me or another auctioneer, it is worth your investment. An auctioneer will save you hours of work and bring in more money than you thought possible. If you would like to receive a quote please visit the “Hire Us” page in the “Contact” section of the main menu. We can always work something out. We want to be asked back next year so the rate will be fair, reasonable and honest.

Surprisingly…No. The State of California does not require a person to be licensed to conduct an auction in the State of California as of 1993. However, this does not mean that the profession is not unregulated. You do need a real estate license to conduct a real estate auction. California auctioneers are required to hold an insurance bond and just like any business hold a business license. Different seller permits are required depending on the type of auction. And according to ruling made on McCormack vs. the State of California; auctioneers are not required to have a 2nd hand dealer’s license. California Coast Auctions is a bonded and business licensed corporation

Good question. First and foremost California Coast Auctions handles the needs of hundreds of the most prominent non profits and schools in Southern California. I am a trained and certified graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City Iowa and Denver Colorado with an additional degree in bi-lingual auctioneering. I have conducted several auctions for fundraisers, charities, schools, and church groups, As an auctioneer I have already raised millions for local organizations and businesses. I am certified and recognized by the National Auctioneers Association as a Benefit Auction Specialist; a title held by approximately 150 people nationwide. I also have something other auctioneers do not have: a background in entertainment. I have a B.A in Film and Television from California State University of Monterey Bay, where I studied and graduated Cum Laude with Distinction under the teaching of famed director Luis Valdez (La Bamba, Zoot Suit). I have starred in over 30 professional theatrical productions and dozens of commercials and guest television/film appearances. I have also worked as a production coordinator on such notable television shows as Southland, The Middleman and several pilot productions for Warner Bros, ABC, NBC and Sony Television. I have been the production manager on several film productions. I have worked for Reuters News and ABC News both behind and in front of the camera. I know how to organize an event. Combine the skills of an auctioneer, an actor and an event coordinator, then you have someone who was custom built to be a good auctioneer. I am the only full time benefit auctioneer and benefit auction specialist in the state of California with a background in entertainment making California Coast Auctions the sought after destination for “Auction-tainment” minded auctioneers

Auctions create a natural draw to anyone with a capitalistic mindset. The value of an item is not pre-determined. The item is given a value based off what someone will pay for it. Competion drives the sale not price. It is the most transparent method of sales ever devised by anyone on this earth. Everyone has a fighting chance to buy something. It is entertaining, it is public and it is the most exciting forum for commerce.Auctions are where you go to find a deal, to find something rare, to bargain and treasure hunt, to laugh and for many to socialize. It is the best method to raise awareness and money for your cause while entertaining your guests at the same time. When you combine the elements of a room filled with competitive motivated buyers, salesmanship, entertainment, and a charitable cause the table is set to make plenty of money.

Yes. I commonly find myself in all sorts of interesting parts of the country. In addition to conducting auctions all throughout California I often find myself in various states from the east coast to the Midwest and the great white north. Where ever a benefit auctioneer is needed I can be there. Many organizations have multiple branches and word does travels from branch to branch. Thankfully success is contagious.

That is a good question. My availability depends on the time of year and the day of the week you plan on holding your event. Everything is on a case by case basis. The high season runs from February through June and from September through mid December. Many clients prefer to reserve me for the same weekend the following year i.e The 3rd Saturday in October. The more consistent you are with holding your event on the same date the easier it will be to book a benefit auctioneer and a venue. Many clients book or reserve their benefit auctioneer before they book the venue which is always advisable. There are many venues with a lot of various restrictions, sizes, rules rates etc whereas there are fewer quality benefit auction specialists. Plus a benefit auctioneer will offer a greater return. The best way to find out if I am available is to call or email me. 949-456-2935 – zackkrone@gmail.com

I have touched on this subject several times. The auction industry used to be a free for all where any auctioneer can and will conduct any type of auction and while this still occurs all over the country the auction world has become specialized. Whether its antiques, cars, real estate, storage, estate and business liquidation the specialty of the craft is most apparent in the realm of benefit auctions. A Benefit Auction Specialist does so much more than simply show up and conduct your auction. A benefit auctioneer consults, advises and helps craft the event. They are one part auctioneer, one part entertainer and one part event coordinator and consultant. Therefore, I am with you attending committee meetings, guiding your staff of volunteers, conducting conference calls, constructing your timeline and most importantly helping you create an environment that is conducive towards inspired and motivated giving. In addition a benefit auctioneer should also have the training, energy, background, and experience to provide with I call “auction-tainment” The auction should be the most engaging portion of your night. It is dinner theater. A benefit auction is a one man show designed to garnish and retain the attention of the audience members who may not be interested in the particular item that is currently up for sale. A good benefit auctioneer should be energetic, comedic, and drive competition. Lets not also overlook the all important fund a need. How to comfortably and precisely execute the single most important portion of your event? How to craft and emotionally inspire an audience to directly support your cause is what truly separates a benefit auction specialist. Believe me there is plenty of work that goes into the success of both your live auction and fund a need long before the event itself. A lot of their success is attributed to the work we will do together in the days, weeks and months before the event. 90% of the the work is done in planning and pre production and I want to be there alongside you to help craft your benefit auction fundraiser. That is what truly sets a benefit auction specialist apart.

For more questions and answers feel free to contact Zack Krone directly at (949) 456-2935