Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez
Southern California Benefit Auctioneer

Daniel Lopez is a charismatic, enthusiastic, and talented auctioneer. He is also one of the few bilingual auctioneers in Southern California today. Daniel is a San Diego native and has over a dozen years of experience in the auction industry. He has conducted auctions all around the United States, including High End Automobiles, Multimillion dollar real estate, and Charitable Non-profit organizations primarily in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and Riverside County. For two years as a California Coast Auctions team member he has been proving time and time again that he is an incredible auctioneer. Finding him was like scouting and signing a free agent and so far he has only impressed the non profits he has conducted for. He is especially passionate and consumed with joy working as a Benefit Auctioneer.

He is deeply dedicated to the success of every organization he is involved with. Daniel’s goal is to provide a broad range of fun and entertainment within a friendly bidding competition among event supporters while maintaining the focus of each charitable cause. So that each supporter knows their donations make a difference. As you can see a small sample video every bid is a celebration and every word is clearly understood. Ultimately he understands that the role of a benefit auctioneer is not to simply sell but to connect and be relatable to the crowd. Which is why having the ability to conduct an auction in Spanish makes for a much more inclusive experience.

“I love my career, it doesn’t feel like I’m working at all, and that’s the beauty of it, this isn’t work. This is a blessing and my passion.” If your benefit auctioneer is having fun then your crowd is having fun.

His work ethic comes from a strong set of moral principles bestowed upon him from his loving parents. They taught him to help and care for the less fortunate, and the importance of hard work. These core values have been his guide throughout his career and why I am so grateful to have him as part of the California Coast Auctions team. Daniel has two beautiful daughters and a lovely wife. When he is not raising funds for great causes, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones. They are his motivation on why he is so ambitious and strives for the best in his career.