Jose Soto

Jose Soto
Southern California Charity Auctioneer

Premier Southern California Charity Auctioneer

At just 36 years old Jose has 19 years of experience in the auction business. Getting his start in the San Francisco Bay area at 17 he was blessed to become one of the most sought after bid spotters in the country. That allowed him to work and learn from the best auctioneers in the country. Ultimately bringing Jose at our doors as a top Southern California Charity auctioneer.

By 22 he was working car auctions throughout California all the way to Texas. At 25 he was featured on ESPN selling classic cars .By 26 he was in a tuxedo working for the largest real estate auctions company from San Francisco to New York City.

The most fulfilling part of his career has been working as a benefit auctioneer helping different schools and non profits raise money for their cause while making sure everybody is having a memorable and fun experience.

He was honored by his peers as Reserve Champion Bidspotter and also The Rising Star award. Which is given to one person and picked by the past World Champions at The World Wide Auctioneers competition in 2007. This past year he was blessed to make the Top 15 Finalist and place 13th in the auctioneer competition. Also he is a newly elected Minister in his church. When he is breaking records for schools and non profit events I love to golf, cycle, and travel.  He also was recently married to his beautiful wife La Cole. Jose is a proud to be a part of California Coast Auctions and join this very special hand selected team of auctioneers that retain the rare and special combination of showmanship and auctioneering.