California Auctioneer

Mark J. Thomas
Southern California Benefit Auction Specialist

Mark J. Thomas: Orange County Benefit Auctioneer

Mark Thomas has been a California Coast Auctions team member for 4 years and relishes a creative challenge and has made a career out of it. The experience this incredibly gracious auctioneer brings to the table is unparalleled. His background in news broadcasting, improv and staged performances as well as his education and work as an auctioneer has made him capable of being a skilled man on the microphone and  being an incredible ambassador for your cause. He is always willing to go the extra mile to bring a fresh, entertaining angle to the service of fundraising. He prides himself on digging deep to understand the mission and passion behind every fundraiser, acting as an advocate for your cause  as well as MC and auctioneer. In fact last year he had an event in Denver and on his own accord flew out to meet with the client 3 weeks prior to the event simply to ensure that the client was comfortable and that it would be a well orchestrated event

Mark has conducted incredibly successful events for The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, Child Help, IVN, The BPA, Arc of San Diego and several public and private schools in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County.

Mark’s sole focus as a benefit auctioneer is in the service of non-profits and schools. Your mission is his passion, and his record-setting results are a testament to his skill and effectiveness. Truly, it is difficult to imagine a better Benefit Auctioneer is Southern California