Virtual Events

The world around us has changed therefore so have the tools necessary for success.

Thankfully the tools for success are inexpensive with tremendous growth potential and  we have the tools you need

Your virtual events can reach around the world!

We conducted more virtual events than any benefit auction firm in the country in 2020 and that’s because we jumped right into this new medium with open arms and came up with a proven formula for success!

It is vital to retain the value proposition of your events.

The key to success is reciprocity of entertainment vs fundraising with your audience.

Nobody wants to see a “gala on screen” and nobody wants to be on a boring Zoom call (not to say that zoom format events don’t have a place in this market).

Make no mistake this is television: a format your California crowd expects when looking at the screen.

We love conducting and consulting on virtual events! It has given us a chance to prove our skill set and versatility. 

We realized that auctioneers are not often comfortable on camera and on camera talent isn’t adept at selling items or motivating people to donate.


You get to tap into the full spectrum of our capabilities as MC’s, motivational speakers, interviewers, moderators, auctioneers, game show hosts, producers, development directors and writers. California Coast Auctions consists of talent not just from the auctioneering world but also television production, stand up comedy, improv, on camera news journalism and more.